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    Reply To: Controlled Drop-Down Lists for Attribute Inspector othermeta element

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    We recently upgraded to XMetaL 12 so I won't have the option to upgrade to XMetaL 13.
    We are using a DITA Subject Scheme. I did happen to find an example online that looks like it's using XMetaL 12 to apply a DITA Subject Scheme to attributes, sadly the instructions are in Japanese. See second animated graphic on this page.

    Is there no functionality in XMetaL 12 outside of the customization to do this?




    Reply To: XMetaL 12 – Windows 10 – Default Application Problem

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    Ok, still a bit per-plexed with the file-association changes.
    I did manage to get XMetaL to be the default application by going to .XML instance in the registry and setting the value to “ditafile”. XMetaL had been the default application for dita files and dita maps, just not xmetal. So far this seems to work, so I'm sticking with it.