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    Reply To: Purposely Excluded Conrefs Still Listed in Output Log as missing

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    Thanks, Severin!  You rock.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

    ~ Brittany



    Reply To: XMetaL error: strManipulateSpanStyleInformation

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    Yes, we are using DITA topics.  I'm doing a lot of cutting/pasting from html files viewed in IE. 

    XMetaL Author Enterprise version from Help > Version#:
    Windows version and major service pack: XP SP3
    Windows language: English
    Do you know if your company has modified XMetaL Author in any way, including any of the DITA functionality specifically?  Yes, it has been modified to work w/ Documentum Webtop Connector.  We have also modified the XSLs if that matters.
    Is the error always the same? “strManipulateSpanStyleInformation”  Yes, it is always the same error message.