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    Reply To: XMetaL and Internet Explorer 11

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    Thanks for the answer. No need to panic 🙂



    Reply To: XMetaL Essential hangs using UNC paths

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    We have all the files at UNC path: DTD, CSS, CTM, MCR, XSL and also the XML files we are editing.
    Below is the longest path to a DTD we have. I don't think it's nowhere near the limit.

    \valtion.fiYhteiset tiedostotKotusfostrukturfo.dtd
    C:Users12345678AppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMetaL13.0genvaltion.fiYhteiset tiedostotKotusfostrukturfo.dtd

    I forgot to mention that opening XML files directly from Windows Explorer (Open with XMetaL…) works without delay and I have advised our users to do so. But that does not help with the occasional hangs that happen when editing (and using macros).