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  • Jeff Haas

    Reply To: Configuring the "XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderXXEP" ouput option?

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    Thanks, Su-Laine.

    So is it safe to assume that XMetaL itself uses the DITA Open Toolkit to generate PDFs, and that I can configure one of the files to my specifications?

    I was hoping for something simpler, but this is DITA, after all.


    Jeff Haas

    Reply To: Authoring a System Message Lookup Table in a DITA Reference Topic

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I solved this problem by deleting the default properties table from the reference topic and creating my own normal table. Basically, I'm not performing the transform myself but providing raw XML/DITA to Development for them to populate standard user assistance controls in the user interface with data from my topics.