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    Zooom tags on view

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    Hey folks,

    I have a shiny new monitor will huge resolution.  Unfortunately it has made my Tags On view pretty much unreadable.

    Do I have a zoom ?

    I know that Tools->Options lets me format tags, but what about text?


    Derek Read

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    Nothing is built in, yet.

    Tags On and Normal views are controlled by CSS so if you are maintaining your own customization you can modify the CSS to your liking there.

    If you are working with DITA we are looking at altering the CSS we deliver to make it easier to bump the text size up or down using some scripts. That will be coming in a future release. The same could be done for any document type.


    Su-Laine Yeo

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    A quick and simple way to boost font size is to unzip the attached file and drop it into your C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACsditabase folder. It's a bit of CSS code that will change the default font size from 14px to 16px.

    Alternatively, you could add the following line to the end of the ditabase-base-override.css file that you already have:

    [code]$DOCUMENT {
    font-size: 16px;




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    Thanks folks-that worked perfectly.

    As an aside, thanks for your on-going support, as the lone writer at my company, you guys are my defacto tools group.

    And you're even better than on-site support 'cause we don't compete for parking spots…..



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    Another trick that may help is to increase the size of the text in the Tags On icons and font used in the Plain Text View. Tools Menu, Options, View pane, Tag Icons group, select an appropriate Font and Size, and then change the font & size used in the Plain Text View pane in the same dialog.

    If your CSS uses percentages and not fixed sizes (points or pixels) then your text will scale appropriately. I changed our CSS to use percentages so that people can choose anything between very small fonts (what I use) and very large fonts (what others in my group use.)




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    thank you, Su-Laine Yeo, that code snippet did the trick. 


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