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    XSD version 1.1 support?

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    I now need something more powerful than a DTD file so I am looking into using XSD. What I am wanting is the [url=]Assertions[/url] functionality found in XSD draft version 1.1

    I would use other Schemas like [url=]Schematron[/url] and [url=]Relax NG[/url] but I read in another post found here:
    That you plan to just support XSD for now.

    The problem is that I don't know if you even support version 1.1 as I managed to find a tutorial here:
    [url=]XML Schema 1.1, Part 1: An introduction to XML Schema 1.1[/url]
    That gives a sample XML Schema for anyAtomicType which is a special XML Schema 1.1 built-in data type. I pasted the following sample into a file called test.xsd:
    [code]        targetNamespace=”test” xmlns:pfx=”test”>



    When I go to New -> Blank XML Document -> Select my XSD file and click open.
    I then receive an error message saying:

    Unable to find referenced data type of an .

    Is this because I am doing something wrong or is XSD v1.1 not supported?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XSD version 1.1 support?

    This feature of Schema is not currently supported (and in this case the error message doesn't actually make sense because we do not have any code to deal with this unsupported feature, so XMetaL is simply telling you what it thinks is happening in the context of what it does support).

    Note that we typically also do not attempt to implement standards or recommendations that have not been finalized. We do plan to continue to improve our Schema support and I will make sure that development is aware of this request.


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