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  • SandraP

    XMetal Work Package Renumbering Assistance

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    Does anyone know how to reset a multi volume book's wp (work package) numbers.  For example, the wps start at 0001, but I want it to start at 0192. 

    Xmetal, 5.5, Cecom compiler 3.1.6 environment


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetal Work Package Renumbering Assistance

    This sounds very specific to your organization or industry.

    As such you should check with the people that created the XMetaL customization you are working with to see if they have a specific, and perhaps required, way to do this. Otherwise, I think the best we might be able to do here is to try to help you alter these values using the standard user interface.

    For example, if these values are represented in the XML using attributes you could set the values using the Attribute Inspector or in PlainText view, but the customization you are using might provide a form or other means for setting these values and that might be preferred. The form (or whatever else is implemented) might trigger additional scripts that secretly perform other required modifications (no idea). These are just guesses though, so it really is best to check with someone on your side familiar with the system and its requirements.

    These “wp” values might not even be stored as part of the XML. Perhaps they are written directly to a CMS or workflow management system, and stored in a database for example as part of some metadata about the XML documents. In that case we really would have no idea how to help here and it really would be best to check with the creators of the integration you are using (the one that integrates the CMS or other system with XMetaL) to see how they might be altered.


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