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  • Emily S

    XMetal "Validation error window" Disappeared!

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    Hi, I have XMetal Author Enterprise 8.0, and it used to be that when validating an XML document, a little window would split open at the bottom of the page if there was an error.

    Now, XMetal displays the usual message (“The document is not valid. If you save, the file will contain invalid markup.”) but the super-helpful window which helped pinpoint the error no longer appears.

    I must've messed up the settings somehow, but can't figure out how to fix either from the Help or via the Forums.  Any ideas? Thank you in advance…


    Emily S

    Reply to: XMetal "Validation error window" Disappeared!

    Hah.  I restarted XMetal while holding down the Control key, and voila, validation window has reappeared.


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