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    XMetaL Resource manager unusable.

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    I'm facing a strange issue with XMetaL 6.0. I undocked the Resource manager from the editor. The undocking did work okay, but all i got was a small thin rectangle which was unusable. I am trying to redock it bug the pane is so thin that I'm unable to do anything. Restarting XMetaL didn't help. I also tried rebooting my laptop, that too didn't help at all. I'm now left with an unusable resource manager.. I'm unable to do anything with that and unable to open any maps in the map editor.

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Is there a way we can reset the settings of XMetaL editor?




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    are you  opening xmetal on a second monitor to the left of your main monitor?
    if so you might try switching the monitor order and reopening xmetal.

    Or you could probably just hold the Ctrl key while xmetal is opening and choose not to restore last workspace.


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