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    XMetal Licensing Info

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    We are currently using XMetal 4.5. The systems which we are working with provide us an authoring environment compatible with XMetal 4.5.
    They are currently testing it with XMetal 8.0.

    We are looking to purchase XMetal Licenses. I want to find out whether we can buy XMetal 4.5 Licenses now and can we update them to XMetal 8.0 later. Would there be costs involved with upgrading from version 4.5 to 8. Can current licenses be upgraded or do we need to purchase new licenses if we want to have XMetal 8.0 for all staff.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetal Licensing Info

    Contractual information like this needs to be answered directly by our sales team as it will vary depending on various factors. Upgrading is no cost provided you have a current maintenance agreement with us. The sales team can look up any contracts and provide you with information specific to your company.

    I can tell you that JustSystems cannot legally sell XMetaL 4.5 any longer as it is not branded as JustSystems software and uses another company's information and EULA.


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