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    Xmetal Issuis after deploying on Tomcat.

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    I have developed a project whicich uses .xft form which gets opened on click on a specific node,
    it is working properly when I build the project using Microsoft visual Studio 2003 and also .xac file is created and when I open an .xml file from BuildProject folder using Xmetal Autor Enterprise 5.5 all the features are working properly even .xft form is opened properly. but when I deploy my .xml file and .xac on the Tomcat server 7.0 and opens it using my web application ,.xft form is not opened it gives an error that can not open example.xft form can not be opened,

    I am using following code to open .xft

    var dlg=Application.CreateFormDlg(“example.xft”);

    My queries are as follows.

    1.Is it necessry to copy that example.xft along with the .xml and .xac file in tomcat or .xac file will take care of it

    2.And if it neccesary to copy the example.xft file where exactly should I copy it?

    3. is there any other way to open an .xft form which doesn't require .xft file to be copied and where just making use of .xac is enough?

    Also same issue is happening with tomcat developing for selecting a file from file select dialog and copying the same file into a folder in which xml file is present.I am using followin Api in the code,

    var Dlg = new ActiveXObject(“SQExtras.FileDlg”);

    var fso = new ActiveXObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”);

    The same code works properly when build project's xml file is opened with Xmetal Autor Enterprise 5.5 but when deployed on tomcat the file selection dialogue box is opened and when file is selected it gives an error that “Bad file name or number” when the same file is selected in both the cases .

    request you to reply as soon as possible and please provide some help

    Thanks in advance



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Xmetal Issuis after deploying on Tomcat.

    The API CreateFormDlg() expects a full path to be specified in order to locate an XFT file. Our testing does not include anything other than the local file system (C: paths). So, make sure you place your XFT form on the local file system, or if you include it inside your XAC file then use the API RulesFile to locate the folder that all files inside the XAC have been extracted to. There is an example for locating that folder here:,922.msg2899.html#msg2899


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