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    XMetaL freezes

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    My XMetaL Author Enterprise 8 freezes everytime I start it and very often when Im working in it. It says in the topbar (XMetaL Author Enterprise Not Responding). Any ideas?



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    You might check and make sure that you don’t have any large zip files on your desktop such as the DITA-OT. I found that they can cause XMetaL to be very unresponsive.,1708.0.html



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    Try resetting the workspace and see if that clears up your startup freezes.  You do this by pressing down the Ctrl-key while XMetaL is starting up….keep the Ctrl key pressed until a dialog appears asking to reset the workspace.  Click 'Yes'.

    If that doesn't remedy the matter, you could delete the %APPDATA%SoftQuad folder and again start XMetaL with the Ctrl-key pressed to reset the workspace.

    If none of these help, I recommend contacting Derek in our Customer Support department.


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