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  • thomas9059

    Xmetal fonts and icons too small in Win 7

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    Installing new PC's for user.
    Win 7 32bit
    Xmetal Icons and font too small.
    I have tried most all options in personalization with no luck.  Most users are unable to read menu/icon font.
    I have changed the size to 125%, adjusted the DPI and screen resolution. This has no effect at all in Xmetal.
    The menus size can be change in the Windows color options but the Icons under the menus are still too small.
    I have tried searching  using multiple terms with no luck. (I.E. win 7 Xmetal fonts and icons too small.
    I had one user that was able to change everything to a desired size, these settings were copied over to another user with same results but all other tries with other users have not worked. (2 out of 180 are happy haha)
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Xmetal fonts and icons too small in Win 7

    If this is a recent version (10 or higher or either XMetaL Author Enterprise or XMetaL Author Essential) you can right click in the toolbar area, select Customize, select Options, then check the box labeled “Large Icons”.

    If this is for another XMetaL product I would need more details.


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