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  • akenyon

    XMetaL doesn’t seem to see an installed HTML Help Workshop

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    For some of our users, XMetaL doesn't seem to be able to find the installed HTML Help Workshop instance on their machines. I've seen this a few times when initially installing XMetaL, but forgot how to fix it.

    HTML Help Workshop is in the All Programs listing and the Add/Remove Programs list, so at least Windows does recognize that it's installed. XMetaL just can't seem to find it when we tell it to create a CHM.

    Anyone know the solution for this one?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetaL doesn’t seem to see an installed HTML Help Workshop

    The product uses the following Windows Registry entry's default value to obtain the folder where HTML Help Workshop has been installed:


    Check to see that this key exists and what the value for (DEFAULT) is. If it doesn't exist then perhaps there is a way to install this tool without creating such an entry (impossible?) or perhaps there is a different installer that creates a different entry?

    You could then search the registry for the following, which is the entry listed inside that key for the {DEFAULT} value: sprbuild.dll

    Typically the full value will be C:Program FilesHTML Help Workshopsprbuild.dll
    (we strip off the last part and use the folder path by itself)

    If you find this value elsewhere you could let us know what the key is that has been created on your system instead of the one above. That way we might be able to alter our code to check for it in addition to the “standard” one. It seems unlikely that there would be a different one but I suppose it is possible.


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