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    XMetaL DCTM Connector (server side)

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    Can anyone let me know where to get the XMetaL DCTM Connector (server side)? I have got licensed “XMetaL Author 5.5 for Documentum webtop” installation on my client but i need the documentum server components for XMetaL which needs to be deployed on the webserver along with webtop installation.

    I am having version 5.5 of XMetaL.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetaL DCTM Connector (server side)

    When you were given the download for the client software you should have been given the server side software as well. The emails our sales team sends out are pretty standard, so most likely you have just overlooked the link in the email sent to you by our sales team. However, if it is missing for whatever reason please contact your XMetaL sales representative and they will help you out. Links to software are not made public and also require you to login to access any downloads.


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