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    XMetal Crashing Randomly (

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    Am using XMetal v Windows 7 Enterprise. Uninstalled everything XMetal, rebooted, reinstalled everything, rebooted.

    It crashes nearly every 15-20 minutes. I can barely get a topic or concept built before it simply goes Poof and disappears, taking all my work with it.

    I see from an older post that there is an SP1 release available. How do I get that version?



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    6.0 doesn't have 64 bit support. All of us Windows 7 users are having the same issue. I'm not sure the SP1 will solve the problem. It may help, but you have to have an active maintenance agreement to get it.

    I've taken to using another text editor with DITA support to write my topics (there's a number of freeware options). Then, I use XMetaL to generate my deliverables. It's not ideal, but the only time I have to worry about crashing is when I'm in a hurry to meet a deadline.


    Derek Read

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    I would highly recommend obtaining 6.0 SP1 from our sales team. It specifically addresses crashes triggered by McAfee Antivirus but also addresses a large number of issues, including various other crashes.



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    XMetal is crashing for me in my XMetal trial as well running Windows 7 Professional SP 1, 64-bit operating system.  It's XMetal version  It seems to crash when I'm inserting topic references to my ditamap (dita book), either linking to them or creating a new topic.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes. I do not have McAfee; I have Microsoft Security Essentials. 

    I didn't know 64-bit isn't supported.  Where does it say on the JustSystems Website that it will be supported in version 7 this is supposed to be released in March?


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