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  • craig_83

    XMetal Crash on Meeting template load

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    I have just installed XMetal Author 5.1 and when I load the application and try to access the Meeting template the application crashes.

    The Windows Event Log reports an error with XFMapper.dll.

    The other templates seem to load without a problem.

    Any ideas?



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    After further analysis it appears to be related to having a version of XMAX installed.

    I initially had XMAX 6 installed (I then swapped between XMAX 6 and 5.5 for testing purposes).

    I later installed XMetal 5.1 Author (and also Developer 5.1) for development on a previous application we created.

    Since uninstalling XMAX 6 and XMAX Author (and Developer) and reinstalling XMetal 5.1, I no longer get an issue loading the Meeting template.

    Would there be some conflict between XMAX and XMetal, possibly through the shared components (XMetal Shared folder, that includes XFMapper.dll)?

    It is essential we have both products installed for support and development purposes.



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    It seems to be definitely related to XMAX and some conflict with XMetal.

    After XMetal Author and Developer were installed I installed XMAX 6. This then caused XMetal to crash when opening the Meeting template.


    Derek Read

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    If this means that XMAX, Author and Developer are different versions that is the likely cause, particularly when it comes to XMAX and Author as they share some DLLs in the following folder (default path on Windows XP):

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesXMetaL Shared

    If one product is expecting the current version of a DLL to be present but that has been replaced by an older or newer version of the DLL that could cause issues (and most likely is in your case).

    The solution for people in your predicament (developing for different versions because part of your team is using an older version and some people are using the current version) is to perform development and/or testing for one version on one computer and development and/or testing for a second version on another computer. If you do not have more than one physical machine then you may use Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare or perhaps another virtualization technology. For each development machine (either physical or virtual) you will install the same version of XMAX, XMetaL Author and Developer.


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