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  • tharpa

    XMetaL Author not opening when opening record in other application

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    I am supporting, as best I can, a legacy application which is supposed to open its records in XMetaL Author Essential 9.0.  I had not used this feature in a couple of months, however, now it does not do this, i.e. XMetaL does not open, or if it is already open, it does not open the record.  For other users it is still working properly.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both XMetaL and the other application.

    Any thoughts on where I should look?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetaL Author not opening when opening record in other application

    If you have the ability to debug the customization that would be the best option.

    I'm not sure what opening a record means exactly, or what a record would be (if it is not simply opening an XML file stored on your drive), but it sounds like maybe the customization would be overriding the basic File > Open functionality on the File menu?

    If that's the case then look in the macros in the customization for the event macro named “File_Open”. If you find one of those that would be the best place to start debugging from. This would be an application-level macro, so it would probably be in the Startup subfolder in the installation.

    Have a look at the Programmers Guide topic “File operations” for more information on the File_Open event macro and other related ones (File_New, File_Save, File_Close, etc).

    If opening a record is done some other way from selecting File > Open then you could be looking for a macro with any name. In this case the macro file (MCR) would still likely be in the Startup folder but the macro that does the “open record” might be called anything. In this case I'd search for “open” or similar words in that MCR file.

    Hopefully whoever built this documented something, or at least put comments into their code?


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