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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint, Part 9 of n – Misc.

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    Context Menu – Copy Data

    The data of a selected item is copied to the Windows clipboard.

    • [Copy Id] – copy the UniqueId (GUID) of the item.
      • bc0ccb39-7b11-4bdc-ad74-9b6533264e2a
    • [Copy Path] – copy the SeverRelativePath of the item.
      • /root_web/sub_web/doc_lib/folder/file.txt
    • [Copy Url] – copy the URL of the item.


    Site Actions – My Files

    [My Files] lists all the files checked out by the current user from the current site-collection/root-web on the current machine.

    User can check in, revert or delete these files in batch.


    Copy Files

    [Overwrite existing items]

    • Has effect only if copy files within the same web.


    Copy/Move Folder

    User can copy or move a folder and its contents all together.

    Warning for SharePoint 2013

    • Copying or moving a folder is NOT supported.
    • Moving a file between sub-sites is NOT supported.


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