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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint, Part 7 of n – Import

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    Both files and folders on the local machine can be imported to the folders or document libraries on SharePoint server.

    • If a folder is imported, its sub-folder structure will be duplicated on the server.
    • Duplicated files or folders may be provided as initial import set, only a single copy of file or folder is created on the server. However, this is not a recommended practice.

    After each import session, a log file is generated in [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\transfer\].  –

    • The log file will be deleted if a new import session has started.

    The following options can be configured before starting import:

    • Overwrite existing documents
      • If true, the file being imported overwrites the file with the same name on the server.
      • The file that has been checked out by other users will be skipped and not overwritten.
    • Do not overwrite my checked-out files
      • Same as [Overwrite existing documents] except that the file checked out by the current user will not be overwritten either.
    • Check in documents after being imported
      • If true, the file will be automatically checked in if its state is checked-out after being imported.
      • Otherwise, the file state depends on the system after being imported.
    • Publish to next major version
      • Same as [Check in documents after being imported] except that the file will be automatically checked in with the major version.
      • This option is only visible for document libraries where both major and minor versioning are enabled.
    • Import referenced files on this machine
      • If true, the referenced files from a xml or markdown file will be resolved and imported along with the referencing file.
        • [Link attribute names to resolve] should be setup/selected accordingly.
        • [Link attribute names to resolve] can be modified temporarily in the text box for the current import operation. The modified value will not be saved for the future imports.
        • There are 3 build-in attribute-scheme [DITA/DocBook/Journalist] files.
      • For a xml file, the referencing attributes and file name extensions can be configured via [Repositories -> XMSP–Configure Settings ->Transfer].
        • The result is saved in [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\xmlapp.xml].
      • The link value format is decided by [reference.mode].
      • Multiple files can have references to the same file. Each file is imported only once.


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