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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint, Part 10 of n – Configuration

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    Repositories – XMSP Configure Settings

    • Checkin
      • [Default checkin Version Scheme]
        • Decides initial selection of check-in version scheme in Check-in dialog.
      • [Checkin with default version scheme]
        • If selected, a document will be checked in with the default check-in version scheme directly. The check-in dialog will not be displayed.
      • Connect
        • [User SharePoint Platform]
        • If option [Online] or [On-Premise] is selected, platform choices will not be displayed when connecting to SharePoint server.
    • Create
      • [Recently used template list size]
        • Decides how many recently used templates are displayed in document creation dialog.
    • DragDrop
      • [Drop data as]
        • Decides the behavior to take when dropping a SharePoint file item into an xml document.
    • Linking
      • [Select Reference Format]
        • Decides the format of the link value during link creation when the documents cross-reference each other.
        • The details are described in section [Cross Referencing]
    • Logging
      • [Enabled detailed logging]
        • Enable or disable detailed logging.
    • Search
      • [Default search result size]
      • Decides the default [RowLimit] value of a new query in the search dialog.
      • The value should be between 1 and 5000. For average use, 500 is ideal.
      • [Enable Keyword Query Language (KQL)]
        • If selected, search dialog enables KQL query input.
      • [Open query plans folder]
        • Opens [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\query_plans\] in Windows Explorer.
    • Transfer
      • Configures the referencing attributes and file name extensions for importing xml files.
    • Workset
      • [Recently used work set list size]
        • Decides how many recently used work sets are displayed for [Site actions… – Open Recent].
      • [Open work sets folder]
        • Opens [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\worksets\] folder in Windows Explorer.
        • This folder is the default location that contains the saved work set files.


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