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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint, Part 2 of n – WorkSet

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    Starting XMetaL…

    A user needs to login to a site collection (root web) via [Connect] button in Resource Manager.  After successful login, the site collection is displayed as a tree structure in Resource Manager.


    Work Set

    After a site collection is added to Resource Manager, a user can promote/lift any of its descendant webs, document libraries or folders to be top-level entries/containers.  The collection of these top-level entries forms a workspace for easy access in the future.

    A List is excluded from a work set if it is not a document library.

    A user can create multiple work sets as he needs for future use.

    A user can save the current work set and then open a different work set.   The default location for saved work set files is [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\worksets\].

    Top-level entries can be added or removed via [Remove Entry].  Any changes to the active work set are automatically saved.

    Top-level entries can be re-ordered.



    A work set is displayed in a tree view or a list view.  Descendant webs, document libraries, folders or files can be reached via navigating in either view. Both views provide quick access to the ancestor items.


    Tree view is often the main view to work with.

    • Each tree item’s tooltip displays a subset of item’s properties.
    • The selected properties can be configured in

    [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\view_fields\view_hint_fields.xml]


    List view is useful when a folder contains a large number of files and is nearly the exclusive working directory.

    • Multiple items can be selected.
    • Items can be filtered in the list view.
    • List view only displays a subset of fields as columns.
    • The selected fields are configured in

    [%appdata%\SoftQuad\XMetaL Cms\SharePoint2\dat\view_fields\view_fields.xml]




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