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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint, Part 1 of n – Overview

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    XMetaL Author for SharePoint(XMSPO) works with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013.  SharePoint 2016/2019 are not tested.  The program relies on Microsoft’s SharePoint client-side libraries (CSOM) to bridge the gap via API backward compatibility.

    XMSPO provides the integration between a content management system (SharePoint) and XML authoring environment (XMetaL).  Some major features are provided as following:

    • Life Cycle operations
      • import – create – export – delete
    • Versioning operations
      • check out – check in – revert – publish – unpublish
    • File Organization operations
      • rename – copy – move – recycle
    • View/Edit properties
    • Search
      • Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
      • Keyword Query Language (KQL) (*experiment)
    • Fully integrated with XMetaL DITA customization.



    If you are currently using the previous version of XMetaL-SharePoint integration, please make sure to check in all the changes you need to keep before upgrading.

    This version of XMSPO works only with XMetaL 16 (it does not work with any previous versions of XMetaL).


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