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    XMetaL Author Essential 14.0 Release Notes

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    XMetaL Author Essential 14.0 Release Notes


    With this version, a new feature called Workbench displays a new tab within the Resource Manager panel. The Workbench allows easy setup and access to folders and files you often use when working with XMetaL. You can bookmark subfolders for quick access to them for further actions.

    For more general authoring tasks, Find actions can highlight all other occurrences within your document. The Options dialog has been redesigned and unified so that you can go to one place to setup your authoring environment. As with every major release, we have addressed various customer-reported bug fixes. For a complete list of new features, see New features.

    New features


    The Workbench contains a list of root folders of your choosing, called a WorkSet. The WorkSet is remembered across sessions and you can have multiple WorkSets. A WorkSet’s list of root folders can be added, removed or reordered at any time. A sub-folder can be bookmarked to enable quick access via the Bookmark toolbar button. You can also initiate drag’n’drop actions with items in a WorkSet, such as dragging an image file into an open document displayed in Tags On or Normal view.

    The Workbench’s context menu contains items focused on acting upon the files in your WorkSet, similar to the context menu Windows Explorer would show you. As well, you can configure the menu items displayed in the context menu for a more focused experience.

    Another benefit of the Workbench is its ability to let you create new documents from XMetaL’s templates directly in a folder of your choosing. When a new document is created via the Workbench, XMetaL will fire a new event macro and there are new related APIs, if you require some custom business logic to be applied.

    Unified Options dialog with search

    Most user preferences can now be managed using one unified and searchable dialog via the Tools > Options… menu item action. Dialogs accessed via other menu items (e.g. DITA Options…) have been removed and their corresponding UI is now incorporated into the new single property sheet-style dialog. You can use Ctrl+Tab to switch from property page to property page.

    As part of this unifying effort, many pages now are incorporated into this single options dialog necessitating the ability to search for settings of interest. The software provides a quick way to do this based on a text string you input.

    The software is able to incorporate your own custom option pages as well using a XMetaL Forms Toolkit file and some Jscript to glue it all together. Many of the pages in the new unified options dialog were added using these same XMetaL extension points.

    Find and highlight all occurrences

    Finding a text phrase in the editor now has an added option to highlight all the other occurrences of the same text phrase. Click the “Highlight all occurrences” checkbox in the Find & Replace dialog’s additional Options area.

    Third-party components

    This version of XMetaL Author Essential embeds the following third-party components, used for Schematron validation:

    • ISO Schematron. This version of XMetaL Author Essential has been tested with ISO Schematron. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.schematron.com
    • Saxon-CE 1.1. This version of XMetaL Author Essential has been tested with Saxon-CE 1.1. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.saxonica.com/ce/user-doc/1.1/index.html

    Bug fixes and minor enhancements

    XMetaL Author Essential 14.0

    Feature Description
    API On_Application_Template_Copied application-level event macro is fired when a user chooses to create a new document from their Workbench’s WorkSet. This event macro is meant to be used in conjunction with the new “Application.CopyFileInfo” property.
    API Application.CopyFileInfo property is meant to be called during the “On_Application_Template_Copied” event macro so you can inspect the template file’s source path and adjust its destination path if so needed.
    API Application.AddOptionsPage method adds a custom page to the Tools > Options dialog.
    API Application.RemoveOptionsPage method removes a custom page from the Tools > Options dialog.
    API Application.ShowOptionsPage method displays the Tools > Options dialog and activates the given category’s page.
    API On_Application_Document_Triple_Click and On_Triple_Click are new event macros fired when a user triple-clicks in Tags On or Normal view.
    API ActiveDocument.Host.DropFileCount property returns the number of files drop onto the document. This property is for use during the On_Drop_Files event macro.
    API ActiveDocument.Host.DropFileName property returns the fullpath filename drop onto the document for a given index. The property is for use during the On_Drop_Files event macro.
    API Find.ExecuteEx method extends upon the Find.Execute method with an additional parameter to highlight all matching occurences.
    API Calling UndoClear API after typing characters into TagsOn/Normal view would crash.
    Architecture ‘gen’ folder path too long if UNC-based APPDATA folder path configured.
    Configuration New INI switch “show_workbench_by_default” can be set to “false” to hide the Workbench tab within the Resource Manager panel.
    Editing Triple-clicking within a WYSIWYG view will select the entire containing element including its start and end tags.
    Editing Rendering of “whitespace” characters U+2000 thru U+200D was incorrect.
    Editing Ctrl+C would crash in rare cases while enumerating available clipboard formats.
    Editing Pasting text with content that could be intrepretted as an XML namespace prefix could cause the application crash.
    Image support Images are not displayed after collapsing and expanding the parent element tag.
    Table editing Deleting a column could cause the document to become invalid (due to leftover empty row elements) for table instances with complex morerows setups.
    Table editing Modifying a table’s colspec attributes removes or changes id attributes unexpectedly.
    UI XFT form widgets that cannot accept keyboard focus and have XPath property set would crash.
    UI Reset Workspace dialog’s text message displayed strangely.


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