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  • ChristianM

    Xmetal Author Enterprise 8 silent uninstall/unregister

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    I am looking at creating a silent uninstaller for Xmetal Author Enterprise 8 to run before a silent Xmetal Author Enterprise 9 install but want to make sure Xmetal 8 “unregisters” itself so we don't lose our licenses since we are a “per seat” licensing model. Would really rather not have to hit 50 machines and un-register manually before running the uninstaller. Will this syntax unregister the 8.0 install as well as uninstall the software setup.exe /s /v”qn REMOVE=ALL”? Or is there something else I need to throw into the uninstall script?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Xmetal Author Enterprise 8 silent uninstall/unregister

    Unfortunately, there is no way to unregister XMetaL Author (7 or 8) silently during an uninstall.

    The good news is that with version 9 you won't have to unregister any longer, and that the licensing scheme is different, so if you are going from 8 to 9 you can get away with not unregistering anything. Version 9 still requires activation but it is not tracked and not affected by any version 7 or 8 registrations.

    The only reason you would want to unregister 8 in this situation is if you might have some people that wish to continue to use 8 (or 7).


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