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  • Oda

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 8 compatible with Git ?

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    I'm testing various authoring tools and need one that can integrate Git source control program. Can Author Enterprise 8 do that? I read that source control is managed through XMetaL Connector, does it include Git?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetaL Author Enterprise 8 compatible with Git ?

    XMetaL Connector is a layer of APIs that our partners can use to build a connector that integrates their CMS with the XMetaL Author UI. Though the APIs are standardized, specialized code specific to each CMS does still need to be written to support specific functionality exposed by a particular CMS, including support for check-in/check-out/etc but also in some cases specific support for particular XML document types.

    JustSystems currently provides and maintains connectors for EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint.
    All others are provided, maintained and supported by a 3rd party, usually the CMS vendor.

    I do not think anyone has built a connector to integrate Git with XMetaL (JustSystems has no plans to do so). However, if Git can be integrated with Windows Explorer then you may be able to use that in conjunction with XMetaL Author's Resource Manager's “Desktop” tab, similar to people that use SVN and Mercurial with XMetaL Author. It looks like there is one called TortoiseGit, so I would suggest you try that. We don't test or officially support these types of integrations, though we do test each version of XMetaL Author to make sure the basic functionality of the Desktop tab functions with each new version of Windows (essentially this tab lets you interact with the file system in the same way Windows Explorer does, with similar functionality). Please keep in mind that this is quite different from using a CMS connector.

    See also:,608.0.html,1332.0.html,1331.0.html


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