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    XMetal Author Enterprise 5.5 Scroll Bars Driving Me NUTS!

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    CC: of Email sent to tech support:

    This issue has been bothering me for a while now.

    To be able to scroll in one of my larger ditamaps, I have to drag the window over more than half of my screen to be able to access the scroll bars. This makes my document and element panel tiny and it is very very difficult to work like that.

    Plus, I need to scroll down so I can open the topics in order when I am editing my files. That's the main reason for scroll bars that are always present. I don't always need to see the entire file name in the ditamap. I know what the name is already, and also know where I am in context of the ditamap.

    Other programs manage to persist a scroll bar no matter what size the panel is (see Microsoft Outlook). I would like to see the ditamap panel display a scroll bar regardless of size. I hope that this change can be made. 



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