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    XMetaL® Author Enterprise 14.0 Release Notes

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    XMetaL® Author Enterprise 14.0 Release Notes


    XMetaL Author is the leading authoring application for organizations using any XML document type, including complete support for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture, or DITA. XMetaL Author also helps you maximize content reuse through tight integration with content repositories, and address advanced publishing requirements with an extensible publishing framework.

    With this version, a new feature called Workbench displays a new tab within the Resource Manager panel. The Workbench allows easy setup and access to folders and files you often use when working with XMetaL. You can bookmark subfolders for quick access to them for further actions.

    DITA improvements with this version include support for OASIS Lightweight DITA 1.0 authoring including lw-topics and lw-maps. Also, the OASIS DITA 1.3 Errata 02 Update grammars are now integrated. The DITA Open Toolkit bundled with the software was updated to v3.2.1 and includes several new plugins. Other DITA authoring improvements include rendering tracked changes inside reusable content and remembering keyspace associations across sessions.

    For more general authoring tasks, Find actions can highlight all other occurrences within your document. The Options dialog has been redesigned and unified so that you can go to one place to setup your authoring environment. As with every major release, we have addressed various customer-reported bug fixes. For a complete list of new features, see New features.

    New features


    The Workbench contains a list of root folders of your choosing, called a WorkSet. The WorkSet is remembered across sessions and you can have multiple WorkSets. A WorkSet’s list of root folders can be added, removed or reordered at any time. A sub-folder can be bookmarked to enable quick access via the Bookmark toolbar button. You can also initiate drag’n’drop actions with items in a WorkSet, such as dragging an image file into an open document displayed in Tags On or Normal view.

    The Workbench’s context menu contains items focused on acting upon the files in your WorkSet, similar to the context menu Windows Explorer would show you. As well, you can configure the menu items displayed in the context menu for a more focused experience.

    Another benefit of the Workbench is its ability to let you create new documents from XMetaL’s templates directly in a folder of your choosing. When a new document is created via the Workbench, XMetaL will fire a new event macro and there are new related APIs, if you require some custom business logic to be applied.

    OASIS Lightweight DITA 1.0 CN02 Preview

    Authoring Lightweight DITA XML topics and maps, based on the Committee Note 02 from October 30, 2018, is offered as a preview in this release. With the preview, you can generating output using the DITA Open Toolkit 3.2.1 which is included in this release as well. A Lightweight DITA sample is provided too and that sample is accessible via the Help > Samples submenu.

    Unified Options dialog with search

    Most user preferences can now be managed using one unified and searchable dialog via the Tools > Options… menu item action. Dialogs accessed via other menu items (e.g. DITA Options…) have been removed and their corresponding UI is now incorporated into the new single property sheet-style dialog. You can use Ctrl+Tab to switch from property page to property page.

    As part of this unifying effort, many pages now are incorporated into this single options dialog necessitating the ability to search for settings of interest. The software provides a quick way to do this based on a text string you input.

    The software is able to incorporate your own custom option pages as well using a XMetaL Forms Toolkit file and some Jscript to glue it all together. Many of the pages in the new unified options dialog were added using these same XMetaL extension points.

    Remembered key space associations

    Whenever a DITA topic is opened in a standalone manner, the software automatically prompts for a key space to associate with the topic. Reopening the same topic, even during the same session, would trigger the same prompt for a key space. This behavior was cumbersome and often reported by users to our Support team.

    With this release, there are options you can configure so the software remembers the key space associate you made for a given topic. This association is remembered across sessions as well. Goto Tools > Options > DITA > Key Space to configure these settings as needed.

    Find and highlight all occurrences

    Finding a text phrase in the editor now has an added option to highlight all the other occurrences of the same text phrase. Click the “Highlight all occurrences” checkbox in the Find & Replace dialog’s additional Options area.

    DITA Open Toolkit Release 3.2.1

    The DITA Open Toolkit (DOTK) v3.2.1 release, which continues to extend support for DITA 1.3 along with numerous bug fixes (over DOTK v3.0.2, v2.4.4 and v2.0), is integrated with this software release and enabled by default. The software also includes the DITA OT 2.4.4 and 2.0 releases for customers still on DITA 1.2 or requiring the previous DOTK for output purposes.

    Please review the install-readme for details on how to switch between DOTK versions.

    Third-party components

    This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise embeds the following third-party components, used for generating output from XML content (publishing):

    • DITA Open Toolkit Release 3.2.1. This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise has been tested with DITA Open Toolkit version 3.2.1. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.dita-ot.org/3.2/release-notes/index.html
    • DITA Open Toolkit Release 2.4.4. This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise has been tested with DITA Open Toolkit version 2.4.4. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.dita-ot.org/2.4/release-notes/index.html
    • DITA Open Toolkit Release 2.0. This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise has been tested with DITA Open Toolkit version 2.0. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.dita-ot.org/2.0/readme/changes/rel2.0.html
    • RenderX XEP 4.18.  Please see “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\SoftQuad\XMetaL\Shared\renderx\doc\WhatsNew.txt” for more information about RenderX.

    This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise embeds the following third-party components, used for Schematron validation:

    • ISO Schematron. This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise has been tested with ISO Schematron. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.schematron.com
    • Saxon-CE 1.1. This version of XMetaL Author Enterprise has been tested with Saxon-CE 1.1. Please refer to the 3rd party software’s website for more details: http://www.saxonica.com/ce/user-doc/1.1/index.html

    Bug fixes and minor enhancements

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 14.0

    Feature Description
    API On_Application_Template_Copied application-level event macro is fired when a user chooses to create a new document from their Workbench’s WorkSet. This event macro is meant to be used in conjunction with the new “Application.CopyFileInfo” property.
    API Application.CopyFileInfo property is meant to be called during the “On_Application_Template_Copied” event macro so you can inspect the template file’s source path and adjust its destination path if so needed.
    API Application.AddOptionsPage method adds a custom page to the Tools > Options dialog.
    API Application.RemoveOptionsPage method removes a custom page from the Tools > Options dialog.
    API Application.ShowOptionsPage method displays the Tools > Options dialog and activates the given category’s page.
    API On_Application_Document_Triple_Click and On_Triple_Click are new event macros fired when a user triple-clicks in Tags On or Normal view.
    API ActiveDocument.Host.DropFileCount property returns the number of files drop onto the document. This property is for use during the On_Drop_Files event macro.
    API ActiveDocument.Host.DropFileName property returns the fullpath filename drop onto the document for a given index. The property is for use during the On_Drop_Files event macro.
    API Find.ExecuteEx method extends upon the Find.Execute method with an additional parameter to highlight all matching occurences.
    API Calling UndoClear API after typing characters into TagsOn/Normal view would crash.
    API AttibuteInspector.Visible and ElementList.Visible properties set to false wouldn’t hide respective panels if auto-hide mode was enabled.
    Architecture ‘gen’ folder path too long if UNC-based APPDATA folder path configured.
    Configuration New INI switch “show_workbench_by_default” can be set to “false” to hide the Workbench tab within the Resource Manager panel.
    Configuration The Tools > Select Specialized DITA DTD… menu action has been replaced by a new options page; goto the Tools > Options > DITA > Specializations page to configure the software with your DITA specialized DTDs.
    Cross-file operation When creating DITA keys or reusable components and choosing to Find other candidates, attempting to replace a result item would fail and give confusing “Advanced replace is active!” text in error message.
    DITA authoring Tracked changes inside reusable components or conref’d content are now displayed inside referencing documents.
    DITA authoring Creating a reusable component and looking for other candidates will start searching immediately and no longer display the Find-in-Files dialog.
    DITA authoring The software now includes and uses the latest OASIS DITA 1.3 DTD and XSD grammar files which were part of the approved errata release dated 19 June 2018. More details can be found in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Errata 02.
    DITA authoring Certain attributes excluded from copy-paste operations are included in such actions after switching back from plain-text view. Specifically, id, conref, and conrefend attributes would be copied and pasted and this behaviour would lead to duplicated id attribute values or unexpected content reuse.
    Editing Triple-clicking within a WYSIWYG view will select the entire containing element including its start and end tags.
    Editing Rendering of “whitespace” characters U+2000 thru U+200D was incorrect.
    Editing Ctrl+C would crash in rare cases while enumerating available clipboard formats.
    Editing Pasting text with content that could be intrepretted as an XML namespace prefix could cause the application crash.
    Image support Images are not displayed after collapsing and expanding the parent element tag.
    Map Editor Script error dialog could appear during Refresh All References operation.
    Output The DITA Open Toolkit User Guide was updated to v3.2. See Help > Third-Party Components > DITA Open Toolkit User Guide menu item.
    Refresh References Updating with xref/related-links option enabled would trigger a script error and crash if the target contained conref’d child element.
    Table editing Deleting a column could cause the document to become invalid (due to leftover empty row elements) for table instances with complex morerows setups.
    Table editing Modifying a table’s colspec attributes removes or changes id attributes unexpectedly.
    Table editing Table cells filled entirely with conref’d content would appear unselectable.
    UI XFT form widgets that cannot accept keyboard focus and have XPath property set would crash.
    UI Reset Workspace dialog’s text message displayed strangely.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 13.0

    Feature Description
    API DOMElement.wordCount property returns the number of words including those in all child elements.
    API ChangedNodes list is incorrect after edit table using Table Properties dialog.
    API ActiveDocument was wrong document during File_Close event macro if using MDI tab groups configured with a single Close button.
    API Calling the Document.UndoClear method or setting the Document.Saved property after having just typed a few characters would result in a crash.
    Architecture 64-bit version could crash after running script on Windows 8/10 systems.
    Configuration Adding a new application customization to the system which creates a toolbar would result in all other toolbars and the menu bar to disappear.
    Configuration User macro with Ctrl+Tab shortcut no longer runs and instead Quick Switch dialog is always displayed. New INI switches (i.e. quick_switch_disable and quick_switch_hotkey) are now available to control preferred behavior.
    DITA authoring After switching out of plain-text view, certain editing actions cause the DITA id attribute value to be duplicated.
    DITA authoring Insert <svg-container> menu item didn’t do anything.
    DITA authoring <titlealts> markup is no longer hidden in Normal view.
    Editing Editing actions that cause clipboard changes could trigger a GPF.
    Editing Running a macro that inserted markup could cause a GPF.
    Image support SVG image file could not be drag-and-dropped into non-DITA documents and a strange error message would appear.
    Map Editor “Out of stack space” error message would be displayed when attempting to open multiple DITA maps at once.
    Map Editor Tooltips for some buttons in Map Editor were wrong.
    Map Editor An error message would appear after inserting a reference using the “classic” Map Editor.
    Output If a submap’s directory was not same as the root map’s directory, topics from the submap with keyrefs wouldn’t resolve properly for some cases.
    Refresh References <topicset> and <topicsetref> elements were skipped by this operation.
    Schematron support Schematron validation is now preformed by a minimum conformance level XSLT 2.0 processor, Saxon-CE 1.1.
    Schematron support Schematron validation output is logged into a Results panel instead of a dialog.
    Schematron support Schematron validation can be configured to run an additional stylesheet for adjusting the final output’s HTML.
    SGML support Unable to switch from plain-text if document contains an internal subset.
    Table editing Using Table Properties dialog to modifying colspec attributes results in new DITA id attribute being generated unexpectedly.
    Table editing After copy and paste of multiple table rows, document is not consider modified and cannot be saved.
    Table editing After deleting a table header or footer row, the document becomes invalid.
    Table editing Insert row above first row or below last row would not do anything.
    Table editing Switching views after undoing a table editing action could crash.
    UI The Undo and Redo list toolbar widgets sometimes were always enabled and wouldn’t accept a mouse-click to invoke a single undo/redo action.
    UI Menu bar and other toolbars disappear after adding app-level customization.
    UI Toolbars wouldn’t draw correctly on systems with a text size setting other than 100%.
    UI Some custom toolbars wouldn’t remain hidden across sessions.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 12.0

    Feature Description
    API Document.TagsOnGraphicalTables property added to allow toggling graphical tables display using script.
    API ResultsManager.AddWebTab method extended with optional 3rd parameter that allows overriding default Internet Explorer settings via GetOptionKeyPath.
    API Selection.Find.Execute method would crash or do nothing when passed a text string with a length of 249 or more characters.
    API Calling the Document.UndoClear method or setting the Document.Saved property after having just typed a few characters would result in a crash.
    Architecture 64-bit version could crash after running script on Windows 8/10 systems.
    Architecture 64-bit version could crash after running XFT form on Windows 8/10 systems.
    Architecture Cross-file operations were not UAC-savvy when configured to process XML with a DTD (versus well-formed).
    Configuration silentCheckinMode sharepoint.xml configuration option added to automate check-in version assignment and suppress UI that prompts user for this info.
    Editing Attribute value change lost after clicking back into document window.
    Editing Deleting text and closing document afterwards causes GPF.
    Editing Add A-Z sort option that matches Excel’s sorting exactly.
    Image support Inserting SVG image with namespace causes script error or hang, limited svg namespace support added.
    Map Editor Script error displayed after attempting to open specialized map file into new Map Editor.
    Output When DITA map references topic on network drive, xref and image references within the topic are not visible in output after DOTK processing.
    Output No content is visible for a topic or map located on a network drive after DOTK processing.
    Output Browser back button broken for DITA Open Toolkit WebHelp output in all browsers except Internet Explorer.
    Output <topicset> and <topicsetref> usage in DOTK 2.4.4 cause incomplete output.
    Refresh References <xref> is not updated with topic title when title has @conref.
    Refresh References SVG image not displaying if referenced via @conref, @conkeyref or @keyref attribute.
    Refresh References SVG image not displaying when inside a reusable component.
    Schematron support Schematron output result does not display Unicode characters properly.
    SGML support SGMLDECL catalog directive ignored and .dcl file extension not recognized.
    Table editing Don’t duplicate @id value on entry elements when inserting rows or columns in a DITA table.
    Table editing Table properties dialog does not update properly after moving selection in a CALS table with @width not set.
    Table editing Clicking into a table cell with only conref’d elements would appear to be unselectable.
    UI Some CSS fonts used to style paragraphs/blocks would end up truncating content at the end of paragraphs whenever a Tab character was present.
    UI Key Space Manager dialog is now resizable.
    UI Change tracking tooltip appears on 2nd screen of dual-monitor system.
    UI Jscript with Unicode text constants for XFT button labels displaying as question marks.
    UI Middle mouse button click on MDI document tab will close the corresponding document.
    UI Attribute Inspector option to sort required attributes to the top.
    UI Attribute Inspector option to sort attributes with a value to the top.
    WebDAV support WeDAV LOCK request failed if MSXML6 installed.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 11.0

    Feature Description
    API WritePermittedContainer API failing when used inside ReadOnlyContainer node.
    Configuration File Save and Save As dialogs don’t respect file extension settings from Tools.Options dialog for new documents.
    Conref support Allow referenced content to be imported in-place when detaching a conref as single action.
    Documentation Shortcut keys documented for switching between documents was wrong since the UI for the application was updated in 8.0.
    Editing Rendering is wrong and confusing after deleting part of nested tracked changes.
    Editing Parameter entity in internal subset is dropped.
    Editing Pasting partial element causes a crash or the clipboard locks up.
    Editing Typing <Enter> deletes element to the left of insertion point.
    Key support When two keyscopes have the same name, the key-based reference to the key under the 2nd keyscope is not resolved.
    Key support If a key is defined within the Insert Web Link dialog and the <xref> refers to a key, the Open Referenced File action does not open the external web site.
    Refresh References Empty <linktext> is not updated when updating references.
    Refresh References Element with @conaction specified should not be part of refresh reference processing.
    Saving documents Entity reference removed from internal subset after saving.
    Table editing Follow CALS table spec for @valign attribute on row, thead, tbody, tfoot elements.
    Table editing Adding topicmeta to a reltable causes reltable to stop rendering as a table.
    Table editing Deleting table column does not mark document as dirty (modified/changed).

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 10.0

    Feature Description
    API Selection.IsMultiCellSelection property returns true if multi-cell table selection.
    API Selection.Cells property returns DOMNodeList for multi-cell table selections.
    API CanElement.DisplayName property returns string of the nice name configured for an element via CTM file.
    Architecture Multiple xmetal.exe processes are present after checkout from Documentum Webtop.
    Architecture “Unable to activate print component” error message occurs when running on terminal server.
    BiDi authoring Typing a <Backspace> while both “Enable bi-direction text support” and “Check spelling while typing” are enabled crashes.
    Configuration Crash occurs when auto-save option is enabled with a low change count.
    Conref support Modifying @conref’s target that is under XMetaL-connector control would append new fragment to the old fragment instead of replacing the old fragment portion of the URI.
    Conref support Tooltip of attributes for resolved conref target not merged as per OASIS DITA 1.2 specification section
    DITA authoring Inserting reltable with source/target choice yields custom and vica versa.
    DITA authoring Shortcut element needs styling, should be underlined.
    DITA authoring After inserting column into DITA simpletable, insertion-point/selection is set into the last column of table.
    Editing Deleting a collapsed tag removes root element instead.
    Editing Sorting a DITA <dl> element causes a crash.
    Editing Popup element list does not use the DisplayName as configured in the CTM file.
    Editing Typing <Esc> would not abort the current Attribute Inspector edits and instead would commit those edits into the document.
    Map Editor Menu text in Map Editor can appear tiny while rest of editor is OK.
    Map Editor Setting navtitle in Map Editor results in invalid markup and topicmeta inserted in wrong position.
    Map Editor Map Editor inserts @id attribute on root element even when auto-id preference is off.
    Output DITA content managed in Documentum always fails to generate output with the DOTK 2.0. The validation stage of output generation, which defaults to always run unlike the DOTK 1.8 which defaults to no run, considers all the dctm: attributes as invalid because they are not declared in the DOTK copy of the DITA DTD files. Change the DOTK 2.0 default to not run the validation stage.
    Output All fonts in PDF output are Helvetica, no Courier (monospace).
    Output XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX deliverable outputs wrong font.
    Output Single HTML File deliverable should support HDF, HDR and FTR parameters like Multiple HTML files.
    Output WebHelp output’s table-of-contents is broken whenever a topic title contains < or >.
    Refresh References Closing a DITA topic after refreshing references prompts to save file even though no edits were made to the DITA topic.
    Refresh References F11 does not find broken links when there is PCDATA between <xref> tags.
    Spell checking Canadian English spell check should accept “program” and “programs” as correct.
    Spell checking French spell check should treat “aujour’dui” as one word and correctly spelled.
    Spell checking “Resume” function starts from beginning if edits occur inbetween which is not the same behavior as it was in version 4.0.
    Table editing Closing a document while the Merge Cells dialog is open causes a crash.
    Table editing Splitting table that contains multiple footer rows crashes.
    Table editing Splitting an HTML table that does not have <tbody> crashes.
    Table editing Multi-level sort in table does not work as expected.
    UI Some accelerator keys in various dialogs don’t work.
    UI Some accelerator keys in the Table menu are repeated and don’t work.
    UI Common shortcuts like Ctrl+V to paste and Delete key are not working in dialogs.
    UI XMetaL Form Toolkit (XFT) dialogs display poorly on high DPI monitors.
    UI Toolbar auto-layout would dock one toolbar per row and is inefficient. Now toolbar auto-layout will dock multiple custom DTD-specific toolbars per row upon first-time launching the software or after resetting the workspace.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0

    Feature Description
    API Custom global menu button caption is lost after opening a document.
    API Hiding Desktop tab via startup script crashes.
    API Custom global toolbar button’s tooltip text is not displaying after opening a document.
    API Add API for joining tables.
    API Add API for splitting tables.
    CSS support Support CSS properties – border-top, border-bottom, border-right, border-left.
    Configuration Empty.gif (blue diamond) no longer loaded by default; must use INI setting.
    DITA authoring Tools > DITA Options cannot be opened when ActiveDocument is read-only.
    Editing Undoing drag’n’drop or cut/copy and paste actions required doing Undo twice.
    Map Editor Conref’d titles not visible in Map Editor.
    Output PDF2 / PDF3 output should support <navtitle> element as per DITA 1.2.
    Output Add fix to Webhelp output CSS file to support Chrome and Safari.
    Table editing Inserting element into THEAD in custom CALS table model, then undoing, results in application crash.
    Table editing Insert Rows duplicates ID value in DITA.
    Table editing Add menu items for joining tables.
    Table editing Add menu items for splitting tables.
    Validation Validator complains about comment inside empty element, does not allow insertion either.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 Service Pack 1

    Feature Description
    API Application.DisableToolbarContextMenu() did not disable the toolbars context menu.
    API DITA specialization extender override for OnSpecializeCommandBars method not called.
    Connector Error message displayed if Open Referenced File attempted on external html resource and DITA topic is under control of a XMetaL connector.
    Cross-file operation Default file extensions for cross-file operations are not all processed.
    Documentation install-readme.html contained obsolete information for silent installing.
    Find in Files Some acceleration keys do not work in the ‘Find in Files’ dialog.
    Find in Files Operation across folder (versus ditamap) only works on XML files.
    Find in Files An exception error was displayed when Find in Files progress window was closed by clicking the close window button (i.e. ‘X’).
    Map Editor Fixes script error in MapEditor when switching to XML view and map has UTF-16 encoding declaration.
    Map Editor Closing a ditamap with unsaved changes resulted in a script error.
    Refresh References If Reference Checking panel was visible prior to closing down XMetaL, the application would crash.
    Refresh References References not refreshing when configured to use DITA 1.1 DTDs.
    Replace across Files Replace action does not invoke checkout action beforehand.
    Replace across Files Replace action with Paste as Strict configuration causes unwanted RLX files to be generated. XMXMLControl.dll is not UAC-savvy.
    Result window Items are lost after checking or unchecking (IE10 only).
    Spell checking Right-click spell checking menu item suggestions always disabled.
    Spell checking across Files Improved overall performance by caching certain working variables and using non-live DOM nodes list.
    Validation External parameter entity resolving to wrong location of master DTD instead of parent file.
    Obsolete hotfixes in XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 SP1 The following hot fixes are made obsolete with the installation of 8.0 SP1 and should no longer be used:

    • xmee_80_20130408.mcr
    • xmee_80_20130416.mcr
    • xmee_80_20130418.mcr
    • xmee_80_20130423.mcr

    These files were provided to a select number clients and would have been installed on top of a standard installation of XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 by you or your organization. If you installed any of these hot fixes, one or more of the files listed above will be in the following folder: <XMetaL Installation Path>\Author\Startup\ To “uninstall” these hot fixes, simply delete the file(s).

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0

    Feature Description
    Configuration DITA Configuration: Turn OFF Pretty-Printing macro not working.
    Editing Adding title element to reltable breaks formatting in Tags On / Normal views.
    Editing Editing Status bar text summary of DITA conditions not displayed.
    Editing Inserting row(s) into a reltable (DITA) takes longer than expected.
    Editing Double clicking on <xref> without @scope attribute should prompt for type of xref
    Map Editor Map Editor does not pull in conref’d content from a topic’s title element.
    Opening documents Crash occurs when opening file(s) with many large PNG images.
    Output Auto-insertion of empty <linktext> element inside <link> in <related-links> breaks output.
    Output WebHelp does not follow and expand conref items from titles into ToC, and @locktitle is also ignored.
    Saving documents @display attribute is removed from all DITA docs when saved to file.
    Validation Incorrect XSD validation when “” (empty string) is allowed as enumerated attribute value.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0

    Feature Description
    CALS table model support Inserting a <table> using Element List leaves out required @cols for <tgroup>.
    CALS table model support Modified CALS table model triggers invalid <spanspec> insertion.
    Change Tracking Custom processing instructions are deleted or altered instead of integrating them into a Change Tracking PI.
    Conref support Conref domain checking gives wrong results for DITA 1.2.
    Editing Drag and drop image from UNC path inserts bad href value.
    Editing CSS change broke Enter key behavior to insert new <indexterm>.
    Editing Slow editing behavior for Enter key in DITA in tables.
    Image support Crash occurred rendering a PNG with “sRGB chunk”.
    Installer App Path registry key incorrectly set
    Output PDF output for Chinese and Japanese shows no text by default.
    Output Cannot print SVG because <UseBmpPrinting/> is missing from CTM.
    Refresh References Double click word followed by period with no space selects word + period
    Saving documents XMetaL Author does not prompt to save “dirty” documents.
    Saving documents “Undo past save” feature broke ActiveDocument.Saved API (and UI). System would still prompt user to save.
    Spell Checking Spelling mistakes are flagged for content marked with xml:lang=”zxx”
    Spell Checking “Default” spell check user-word-list (UWL) is ignored when user adds word via context menu.
    UAC-savvy and per-user settings Documents opened directly into Plain Text view do not trigger RLX generation in %appdata%.
    Validation Validating document or selection does not catch processing instruction target that contains illegal characters.
    Validation Document with processing instruction that does not contain a target validates (yet should not).
    WebDAV support Locking a file on WebDAV server fails if http response body returned has no length specified (i.e. compound response).
    XML namespace support Cannot create new doc or open existing doc because adding default namespace without checking for ancestor namespace declarations.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 Service Pack 1

    Feature Description
    Closing XMetaL when modified, invalid document is open. Closing the XMetaL application window no longer causes XMetaL to crash if a modified, invalid document is open.
    Backspace/Undo causing intermittent crashes Entering Backspace or clicking Undo no longer cause crashes.
    DOMNode.hasChildNodes API and the absence of child nodes Code has been adjusted such that DOMNode.hasChildNodes API no longer returns random results if there are no child nodes.
    Adding a #FIXED attribute to the DTD using script Calling the API method addAttribute() in a script in order to extend the DTD would cause a crash when the 5th argument (intDeclType) was passed the value sqDTFIXED (or the equivalent value of 3). This issue no longer occurs and the sqDTFIXED value can now be used safely.
    Background Spellchecker issue XMetaL Author would crash shortly after launching Note: This only affected clients that upgraded from 5.x to 6.0, not clients with a “fresh” installation of XMetaL Author 6.0. Several spell checking DLLs were not updated by the installer. At run time, XMetaL Author would try to invoke new code that did not exist, triggering a crash The installer has been corrected so that this no longer occurs.
    Deleting content with tracked insertion and deletions In some cases the background SpellChecker could cause a crash while working with Change Tracking. This issue occurred while deleting content containing tracked insertions and deletions. The issue has been addressed.
    Change tracking processing instructions in long text lines Previously, a change tracking PI may have been broken at an incorrect location when a line of text was too long.
    Plain Text view line length limitation Lines longer than 4077 characters did not render when a document was edited in Plain Text view. This limitation has been removed. We still recommend enabling and properly designing Pretty Printing for the customization associated with a particular schema. This will aid authors by allowing them to see most of their content at one time, avoiding the need to scroll horizontally. In addition, extremely long lines may also slow down editing while working in Plain Text view.
    Using XML namespace, track changes corrupts document The Track Changes feature was introducing unwanted namespace prefixes into deletions. This has been corrected.
    xml:lang=”xx” and Spell Checker xml:lang=”xx” was being ignored by Spellchecker (where “xx” is any unrecognized value). This problem has been fixed. When xml:lang is set to an unrecognized value (one for which there is no spell checking dictionary and that has not been remapped in the INI settings) expected behavior is to use the default language as set in the spell checker’s options. With an out of the box installation the default language is “English”. With an out of the box installation (no INI settings) elements are not spell checked when the specific attribute value xml:lang=”zxx” is set.
    ‘Edit in XMetaL’ option opening all selected files in Windows Explorer Selecting multiple files in Windows Explorer and selecting ‘Edit in XMetaL’ now opens all selected files. XMetaL Author should now open all files when any standard Windows operation triggers the operating system to run the main XMetaL program (EXE) and pass a list of filenames to it.
    Input of an invalid attribute value using Attribute Inspector Using Attribute Inspector to change an attribute of type ID to a value that is invalid now consistently prompts users to confirm the change.
    Per-user file read/write failure when %appdata% mapped to UNC path Per-user folders and files are now created on a shared server when the Windows %appdata% system path variable is redirected to a UNC path.
    File > Save operation intermittently creating zero byte files Code has been adjusted such that an issue involving the File > Save operation creating zero byte-sized files is no longer present.
    Scrolling in document with high of number spelling mistakes Performance has been improved for scrolling through a document with a high number of spelling mistakes
    McAfee ScriptScan feature triggering crashes in XMetaL Author An issue that caused intermittent crashes when authoring DITA documents with the McAfee ScriptScan feature enabled has been fixed.
    Accept/Reject All performance Performance of the Accept All and Reject All change tracking actions have been improved. Previously, for some documents these actions would take a long time to complete. Performance is now much faster.
    Cursor placement and CSS :before/after Cursor placement and movement now behaves as expected when CSS :before/after is present in a CSS customization file.
    Multiple cell table selection Selecting multiple cells by clicking during drag and drop now works as expected. Previously you had to first select the content inside a cell before selecting multiple cells. This bug was triggered by the new “Check spelling while typing” feature.
    Obsolete hotfixes in XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 SP1 The following hot fixes are made obsolete with the installation of 6.0 SP1 and should no longer be used:

    • xmee_60_20100723.mcr
    • xmee_60_20101102.mcr
    • xmee_60_20101116.mcr
    • xmee_60_20101223.mcr

    These files were provided to a select number clients and would have been installed on top of a standard installation of XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 by you or your organization. If you installed any of these hot fixes, one or more of the files listed above will be in the following folder: <XMetaL Installation Path>\Author\Startup\ To “uninstall” these hot fixes, simply delete the file(s).

    XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0

    Feature Description
    Chameleon schema include support XMetaL no longer requires included schemas to declare a targetNamespace that matches the including schema’s targetNamespace
    Proper Windows IME positioning Support of the Windows IME for entering Japanese/Chinese/Korean has been improved.
    File > New event macro Code adjusted such that File > New event macro is run before other, newer macros to maintain backward compatibility
    Setting CSS text-decoration property to “none” CSS inheritance is blocked if the element has text-decoration=none
    Suppression of warnings on loading RLX file An INI variable has been introduced to detect if an .rlx has been generated
    Inserting content no longer removes existing revision marking Adding text between normal content and content surrounded by revision marks caused revision marking to be removed in XMetaL 5.5. This is no longer the case.
    XMetaL hangs when text selected in TagsOn or Normal view without releasing mouse for 5 sec. in a document opened via drag and drop. In XMetaL 5.5, XMetaL hung after selecting text in TagsOn or Normal view without releasing the mouse for 5 seconds in a document opened via drag and drop. This has now been fixed.
    File > Exit macro XMetaL Author now supports running multiple “File_Exit” macros.
    Schema: valid attribute value containing a space Schema: valid attribute value containing a space no longer causes a validation error
    CSS border setting in one element causes crash after deleting another node CSS border setting in one element no longer causes a crash after deleting another node in Normal view.
    EPS image causes XMetaL to crash or fail to load or render XML document XML document failed to render when it included a reference to a particular form of EPS file, possibly causing XMetaL to crash. Did not happen for all EPS file types. This has been fixed.

    Known issues

    Tools > Options dialog accelerators don’t work sometimes

    Some property pages within the new unified options dialog won’t respond to keyboard shortcuts until focus is moved into the embedded XFT form that is on the active property page. This limitation relates to Windows’ handling of embedded ActiveX controls.

    Generate Output fails if filenames or paths contain a mix of Polish characters and spaces

    The DITA Open Toolkit included with the software fails to generate output if any of the filenames or paths contain Polish characters AND spaces. The only workaround at this time to adhust filename and paths to exclude spaces OR put all the files into the same folder.

    Docking action indicators don’t display in the correct location on systems with text size set to something other than 100%

    With the introduction of High-DPI support in Windows Vista, certain settings can cause the application to not render properly. In particular, setting a text size value to something other than 100% can result in the application having drawing issues when resizing a docking panel or moving it to another docking location.

    To workaround this issue, adjust the custom text size settings so that the system uses Windows XP scaling (Windows Vista and Windows 7).

    Shortcut key doesn’t work after moving focus to Map Editor with XMetaL Navigator

    Shortcut key doesn’t do anything after moving focus into the Map Editor using the XMetaL Navigator feature. To work around this, please press the <Tab> key once and try your keyboard shortcut again. If it still doesn’t work repeat pressing <Tab> key and trying your shortcut key until you get some action.

    WebHelp output’s Print function doesn’t work for local files

    When opening a local copy of the WebHelp output into a web browser, especially Google Chrome, clicking the “Print” button results in no action. This behavior is typically the result of a web browser’s “same-origin” security model for local files versus files loaded over http.

    This behavior can be worked around by running a local web server or deploying the WebHelp webhelp_out folder’s contents to a web server and navigating your browser to that web server location.

    DITA for Publishers outputs are disabled

    The D4P outputs (i.e. Kindle, ePub, et al) are currently disabled because the plugin is not compatible with the DITA Open Toolkit version integrated with XMetaL. The timeframe for a new D4P plugin release is not known at this time.

    When using DITA 1.3 XML schemas, reusable component feature is disabled

    XMetaL’s reusuble component feature has not been setup for the DITA 1.3 XSDs. As a result, related menu items like Reuse > Create Reusable Component are disabled.

    WebDAV lock cannot be obtained for document just opened

    When a document is opened from a WebDAV server into XMetaL Author Enterprise, an error message maybe displayed stating that the WebDAV lock could not be obtained. This issue is due to the DITA MapEditor feature preprocessing the document’s XML with our XMetaL XML processor (XMXML). XMXML contains a lot of the same code as XMetaL Author including the WebDAV locking logic and as such, XMXML ends up obtaining the WebDAV lock first.

    To work around this issue, the DITA options must be changed so that ditamap files open into the XML view by default. To change this setting, select the Tools > Options… menu item and select the DITA category’s Map Editor tab. On the Map Editor tab, adjust the “Open DITA maps in the:” dropdown list so that “XML view” is selected. Click OK to accept the changes and restart XMetaL.

    Note: The DITA feature does not support WebDAV out-of-the-box. A WebDAV capable XMetaL connector is required to use the DITA feature with a WebDAV server.

    The x64 Cameras In Focus and Meeting Minutes samples have some features that don’t work

    A few of the Cameras In Focus and Meeting Minutes sample’s features rely upon Microsoft components that do not have an x64 equivalent (e.g. MSScript.ocx, MSCAL1.ocx). Yet other features rely upon a x64 version of Microsoft Word to be installed on the computer. In the x64 version of the software, these samples have been removed from the Help > Samples submenu to avoid issues. You can still invoke either samples template but please use caution when running these samples as they may not gracefully degrade when invoking features with a dependency on these 3rd party items.

    Built-in toolbar auto-layout on first launch

    When XMetaL Author is started for the first time, the built-in toolbars will each be docked on a separate row. Custom DTD-specific toolbars will be docked more efficiently (i.e. multiple per row) providing there is enough horizontal space to do so. Once toolbars have been reorganized (by dragging them around), their positions will be remembered. This vertically oriented auto-layout for built-in toolbars will also take effect any time the XMetaL Author workspace is reset, which is done by holding the Ctrl key down at startup.

    Child submenus/menu items not copied when moving top-level menu buttons

    Moving top-level menu buttons will not copy the child submenus or menu items. Similarly, moving submenu items will not duplicate those child items.

    Support services

    For a list of telephone support offerings, online service options, and support downloads, visit http://xmetal.com/support/.

    To contact XMetaL support directly, e-mail us at [email protected], or telephone us at one of the numbers listed at http://xmetal.com/content-about-contact-us/.


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