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  • Dinglewood

    XMetal Author deployement

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    Hello (and sorry for my poor english)

    I have some problems to understand how to deploy personnalized configuration.

    I have following files :

    > one XSD
    > one CSS
    > one MCR
    > multiples XFT

    If I put all of them in “C:Program Files (x86)XMetaL 7.0AuthorStartUp”, all is OK BUT this require the end-user to go search the XSD file in this location which is not a good idea.

    If I put only the XSD file in the team working directory, the other files in Startup are not recognized.
    Could put all the files at this places, but once more, it's not a good idea to put all files in the working directory.

    Putting all the files in his personnal user directory is not a good idea too, cause these files are used by multiples users.

    So I don't really see how I can install the solution which only make appear the XSD file to the user when he must choose a schema at a convenient place.
    Best solution would be the schema is automacaly loaded when he open a XML file cause we only use one schema.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetal Author deployement

    The Startup folder should really only contain MCR files.

    Please see my slideshow (link below) as it describes in great detail how XMetaL Author locates schemas and other files . All this information is in the documentation but it is scattered so a few years ago I gave a webinar and that slideshow is from it.

    There are several options for where to place files. The placement of your MCR files (specifically) will also depend on whether it is document-level (in which case you can put it next to the XSD file or in the Macros folder) or application-level (in which case it must be in the Startup folder).

    The main thing I see missing from your solution are templates. If you create one or more templates then your authors should never need to browse for the schema. They will simply select File > New, then select your template to begin a new document.

    You are also missing a CTM file. I would recommend creating one. If it is not present then XMetaL Author will auto-generate one and the resulting behaviours defined in it could be less than you expect.

    XFT file location will depend on the path set in the CTM file or in your scripts.

    CSS files either need to be in the same folder as the schema or in the Display folder.

    Note that everything above assumes that you are not using a CMS with a connector. If you are you must follow the instructions provided by the company that provides the connector. Some store XMetaL customizations in the CMS itself while others require them to be placed in specific locations on the local machine.



    Reply to: XMetal Author deployement

    Thanks for your answer, will try to find out with this indications.

    We don't use template cause we use the XMetal editor to check/work files which are provided by an external source, never to create a new document.


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