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    XMetal Author Crashing Randomly

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    Hi — We've been having lots of issues with Xmetal Author randomly closing on users. XMA doesn't appear to be crashing with repeatable steps.  I've seen within the Servic Pack Release notes that a known issue the SP was to fix was XMetal Randomly Crashing.  We tried the DLL patch that you posted sometime last year and we currently have XMetal Author Enterprise service Pack 1 installed.  We are still having a growing issue with Xmetal Author still randomly closing on users.  It seems to have increased even more so since upgrading to 6.0. What is the most recent Service Pack version available? If indeed we have the most current version, what do you suggest we do to resolve this issue?  Are there known issues with other applications and XMetal Author causing this such issue (such as a known issue with Windows Search and XMA, etc)?  Is there a known issue with having the auto-save level set too low?  What is the recommened setting for this?  Again, this is a growing issue/concern for authors (and their leadership) so any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.  If possible, could someone email (call) me directly to discuss futher?



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    Is there any copy&paste step in your working/edition process?

    We experience something which goes into your direction…
    Our XMA 5.5 (Essential, Version is throwing an empty validation log and saying that the document isn't valid. After this message it completely deletes the documents content


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