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    XMetal 8.0 and images

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    My colleague has recently updgraded to XMetal Author 8.0, while I keep on using XMetal Author 7.0.

    We have noticed that whenever she edits DITA files containing images, even if she does not update or modify the image, XMetal adds the attributes height and width with huge values, which results in oversized pictures in the PDF output.
    We have never seen (and I still do not see) this behaviour with XMetal 7.

    So far, to fix this, we manually edit the impacted files to remove those unwanted attributes, but they appear again if we update the file…. this is definitely not a solution for us!

    Is there an option in the configuration of XMetal 8.0 to deactivate this behaviour ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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