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  • gcrews

    Xmetal 7 opening sub maps

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    The first time I go to open a sub map in the map editor it takes about 30 seconds to start opening.
    For instance in the diagram below, I open map 1, and it loads fine. When I double click the topic ref to map 2 in map 1, XMetaL locks up for about 30 seconds with the CPU going at full.

    Map 1
         Map 2
             Map 4
             Map 30

    Does this have to do with some new dita 1.2 function searching all the sub maps? If so then why there is not that lag and wait if I open map 2 directly of the second time I open it from map 1 without closing map 1?

    Also, is anyone here successfully using XMetaL 7 with a fully patched IE9 installed?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Xmetal 7 opening sub maps

    This is not a known problem that I have seen. It would be nice if you could submit a copy of your files to XMetaL Support so we can try to reproduce the issue.



    Reply to: Xmetal 7 opening sub maps

    Has this been fixed or is there a solution?


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