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    Xmetal 7 – Insert File Reference Annoyance

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    Compared to Xmetal 6, Inserting a file reference and setting the navtitle in Xmetal 7 makes it a lot harder. What once took like 3 clicks now takes 7. In Xmetal 6 the title box was on the same tab as the browse button and you did not have to set the locktitle manually.  We insert file references quite often.

    Note: I have the DITA Options set to 1.1

    Xmetal 6:
        1. Browser for files.
        2. Select title
        3. Paste title text from clipboard

    Xmetal 7:
      1. Browser for files
      2. Set locktitle to Yes
      3. Switch tabs
      4. Select navtitle box
      5. Select text
      6. Right click mouse
      7. Paste title text from clipboard

    I think it’s a big oversight to not handle simple “Ctrl+v” operation when the curser is blinking in a textbox or you have text selected. I have to instruct the writers “Right click and then choose Paste, Ctrl+V dosen't work there.”

    Note 2: If you change the DITA Options from 1.1 to 1.2 without closing the maps you have open, you start getting error messages when you try 1.2 items in the properties dialog.


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