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  • Emily S

    XMetaL 7.0 Refusing to be Re-registered

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    Hi!  I've been running XMetaL 7.0 successfully, but today my computer profile was corrupt and had to be rebuilt.  Now, I can't get access to XMetaL again.  It prompts me to register the software, and I'm using the exact same licence file that I've used before, but am receiving a pop up box saying “Registration Failed: The request is refused by licensing server.” 



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetaL 7.0 Refusing to be Re-registered

    Each company has a limited number of licenses they can use. Most likely all of yours have been used up. Since you can't unregister your copy of XMetaL Author 7.0 yourself you will need to contact XMetaL Support or your sales rep and ask them to remove the registration for your previous machine to free up that license. They will need to know the name of the previous computer and your company.


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