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    XMetal 6 process memory

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    We have observed that when XMetal 6 process memory (from Task Manager) on Windows 7 reaches between 120M-130M, XMetal crashes. This could happen if we open 4-5 large dita documents causing processor memory to spike. Here are my questions.

    1. Is there any memory limit in XMetal 6 process (theoratically should be able to go upto 2G on 32-bit host)?
    2. In XMetal 6 there is background output generation of dita documents. Is it enabled by default?
    3. According to release notes the default memory limit on Java output generator is 128M. Could it be that output processor is running out of memory?

    We are using XMetal 6 SP1 on Windows 7 32-bit with 4GB RAM.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetal 6 process memory

    [It looks like you are working with DITA documents (let me know if I'm wrong as my answers related to the DITA Open Toolkit will not make sense if you are not working with DITA). Since this is mostly DITA-related I'm moving this topic to the “DITA and XMetaL Discussion” board.]

    1. There is no fixed limit for document size while editing. The editor will slow down when you are working on a large document but 120-130mb memory usage is well within the standard amount of memory I would expect XMetaL Author Enterprise to be using for this number of documents. We test having between 10 and 25 DITA documents open here on a fairly regular basis without issue and expect the majority of our clients to have somewhere near 1/2 dozen documents open on a regular basis. We have clients that open documents that are between 1 and 4gb in size (not DITA documents) but the complaint there is that the editor slows down, not that it crashes. I suspect in your case it is not the size of the documents or number of open documents that is the true cause but that if number of documents open seems to be the issue it might be exacerbating some other issue to the point that a crash occurs.

    2. I assume the feature you are asking about is the one noted in the release notes as follows:

    Generating output in the background via DITA Open Toolkit

    XMetaL's Generate Output feature can be run in the background. If enabled, this feature frees up XMetaL Author for the user to continue with other authoring tasks while output is being generated. Simply change the Configure Output advanced output parameter _rem_cmd_synchro_mode = 2 to cmd_synchro_mode = 2.

    This feature is disabled by default. However, running it one way vs the other should not have any real effect on memory usage.

    3. If you are producing output from the DITA Open Toolkit integrated with XMetaL Author Enterprise for a deliverable type that uses Java (some use ANT) then you are correct. The default is 128mb. When Java memory usage goes above this level then Java will throw an error. This is an inherent limitation with Java (you must tell it how much memory you estimate it might need before you run a Java process). However, I have not seen or heard of XMetaL Author Enteprise crashing in this case. When this occurs an error with the text “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError” will appear in the output log file.



    Reply to: XMetal 6 process memory

    Thanks Derek for the detailed response!

    Yes, we are experiencing crashes during drag-n-drop of content from Documentum CMS system into dita document in XMetal. It seems to occur mostly around when memory has reached between 120-130M. Before that it does not matter how many documents are open, crash just does not occur. So I was wondering if there was any connection between this and output generator. If generator is disabled by default then something else is causing it.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMetal 6 process memory

    Ah, I see. This is the issue we've been notified by others at your organization about through the standard support channel. Your system is quite customized and we suspect the issue has to do with your custom extensions.

    I don't think it makes sense to discuss this on the forum as other clients are very unlikely to see the same issue, plus XMetaL Support will be trying to help your team debug your system on the WebEx tomorrow to see if they can figure out what part of your system is triggering the crash.


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