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    xmetal 5.5 toolbars

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    recently we had to update our various .xml files in “C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.5AuthorTemplateDrafting” folder to redirect them to a new .dtd location path on the network.  In doing so, our “Drafting” customized toolbar would disappear upon a file/open of an .xml file of docytpe Bill (and oddly other docytpes do not cause the Drafting toolbar to disapear – only docytype=Bill).

    I tried deleting softquad folder under C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication Data, but results did not change.

    Stumbled across situation whereby after opening a doctype=Bill .xml file and
    using View menu to re-add the missing Drafting toolbar, if save the .xml file – all is well for that xmetal session on all subsequent file/opens. 

    However, once close down xmetal and restart xmetal for the next editing session the situation reappears.

    any thoughts appreciated?




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    traced down to the 'Bill.tbr' file that had following setting  false


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