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    XMetal 5.5 on XMetal 7 performance issue

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      I have a windows 7 machine with XMetal 5.5 installed. when open file either from local or network drive, it is 5 seconds delay no matter the size. it is not happening when XMetal 5.5 on XP machine.
      is it some issue due to the combination of XMetal 5 and windows 7?
      any suggestion to make it faster? Thanks!




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    XMetaL 5.5 with Windows 7 (both x86 and x64) is not officially supported by Just Systems.  We have done our own evaluation on XMetaL against Windows 7, the earliest version of XMetaL works with Windows 7 is XMetaL 6.

    In addition, the earliest XMetaL version which supported by Just Systems on Windows 7 is XMetaL 7.



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