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    XMetaL 14 and IE11

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    We are using XMetaL 14 with the SDL/RWS Tridion Docs authoring bridge (r14). Our users are experiencing issues with invoking the Acrolinx sidebar within XMetaL, most likely because our IT organization is blocking XMetaL’s “behind the scenes” use of IE11, which seems very understandable considering a) IE11 has many security flaws and b) Microsoft will EOL IE completely by the middle of next month.

    Acrolinx has proposed a workaround of copying and pasting the resulting URL into a browser window, but we don’t even get a resulting URL that will work – cutting and pasting any of the resulting content just gives further errors:
    {“description”:”Error while loading Status = 403″,”acrolinxErrorCode”:”httpErrorStatus”,”url”:”″}

    Is there anything we can do? Many thanks for any help you can give.
    Paul M.
    Trellix (formerly McAfee Enterprise)



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    We’ve worked with acrolinx on this issue. We provided a prototype to embed Edge inside Resource Manager. Please contact
    [email protected]

    regarding with ticket



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