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  • bradjlong

    XMEE8.0 – Silent install property for Upgrade

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    I was looking to identify the installation property that will flag “yes” on the “upgrade previous version” dialog during a silent installation of version 8.0. Browsing the installation package (“XMetaL Author Enterprise.msi”) using Orca (a Microsoft SDK installation package browser) I found two possible workable properties: ReinstallModeText (default value: omus) and UNINSTALL_CONFERMED (sic) (default value: false). Unfortunately the former uses a non-standard property value, and the latter doesn't work.

    I would rather let XMetaL 8.0 handle the upgrade silently if at all possible, instead of having to remove XMetaL 6.5 (using its guild stored in the registry) first.

    Any help and/or guidance would be most appreciated…

    Brad Long
    Minitab, Inc.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMEE8.0 – Silent install property for Upgrade

    To complete this for anyone else reading (this was handled offline by support)…

    We don't test these types of settings. When upgrading it is best to do a silent uninstall of the currently installed version followed by silent installation of the new version. That will give the cleanest results (and it is something we test).


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