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  • chandan7891

    XMeatl while closing the document

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    As per as my knowledge about XMeatl 5.5 author when i clicked the save button it will first validate it and then save it and while closing of the document also it will first validate the document then it will closed this document that is why while closing the big document it is taking lots of time …so if i want to implement some script so that it should not validate the document before it is closing can i ???

    if the answer is yes then who???

    any suggestion over this is really important??



    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMeatl while closing the document

    I've sort of answered your main question here already I think:,1120

    I will answer the validation and close questions here to keep them in context.

    Validation does take time and will take more time with larger documents. With the test documents that I have seen (sent from either you or a colleague that are about 2MB files) the validation process adds about 2 seconds to the save process. You can measure the amount of time validation takes by pressing F9 to force a validation to be done on its own (without saving).

    The close process does not trigger validation directly. If a document has not been saved and you ask to close it then XMetaL asks you to save. If you answer “yes” (save it) then validation is done just prior to the save.



    Reply to: XMeatl while closing the document

    hi Derek

    just i think you have not understand my question…My question is suppose i have save the document it will first validate before saving it that's ok for us…Now the question is after i save the editing that i have done now i am closing my xmetal at the time of closing is it still validate the document or without validating it will be closed????This question i am asking is because what is happening in our server is that whenever some one had finished and save its editing and he clicked the closed button at one sec he is promoted from the contenta that are you wanted to check in back the document if he clicked yes before the xmetal is closed properly he is getting some warning he is only able to check in the document after the xmetal is closed propely and as per as my understanding this thing is happening due to the xmetal has not yet saved the document because it is first validating then saving………

    If you can make any comment over this it is really helpfully…. 


    Derek Read

    Reply to: XMeatl while closing the document

    It sounds like Contenta is doing something unexpected (to you). Please contact them to ask what the expected behavior is and if they can alter it if you wish them to do so. The integration between Contenta and XMetaL has been created and is maintained and supported by them.

    Normal behavior without Contenta's integration installed is as follows…

    1. Open a document.
    2. Make a change. The document is now considered “dirty”.
    3. Save the document. Validation is performed. If validation passes, the document is saved. If validation fails the user is given the option to save the invalid document or cancel the save.
    4. Close the document. If the document was saved in step 3 then validation is not performed and the document is closed. If the document was not saved in step 3 it is still considered “dirty” and the user is given the option to close without saving, or save the document. If they choose to close the document, validation and saving is not done and the document is simply closed and they lose changes made since their last save. If they choose to save then step 3 is repeated.


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