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    Xmax periodically hangs or freezes on slow computers

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    Hi again,

    We are noticing problems with Xmax (both the 5.1 and 5.5 versions and on both XP and Vista) crashing Internet Explorer (versions 7 and 8, although Xmax only seems to work for IE8 if compatabiltity mode is enabled) especially on older computers or computers with not a lot of RAM memory. During the LoadFromString method call and while Turn Rules Checking On is displayed at the bottom of the screen, Internet Explorer freezes and has be to shut down through Task Manager. So I assume that this is when Xmax is parsing the XAC file. Is this a known issue or is it possible to set a longer timeout period somewhere that would help ease this problem?

    Sometimes Xmax crashes Internet Explorer after it has loaded the document. But I think that it is a different problem to the above. The toolbar disappears and Internet Explorer has to be restarted. Nothing in the event log and no javascript errors. Anybody else experiencing similar problems?




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    We are still experiencing a lot of problems with Xmax crashing. Does anybody else use Xmax outside of their intranet? Internally it usually works fine but it is a different story for customers accessing Xmax from behind their firewalls and proxies. We have also noticed that the LoadFromString method throws exceptions quite often, even when it seems to load the document without any problems.

    Anybody got any tips on how I can troubleshoot this issue? It is very difficult to reproduce this in a consistent way. It nearly only happens externally and maybe one out of five times (or less often for some customers) someone opens Xmax.



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    My customer seems to have a similar problem. My customer has recently migrated their web browser to IE version 8.0.6001.18702CO on each post (before it was using IE version 6.0). They then installed again XMAX. Since this migration, a problem occurred. When a user edits an XML document in XMAX, it can insert only text. If he adds a tag, the web page freezes, no operation is possible. The user must close the page.

    From my side, I tried to reproduce the problem on a similar version of IE (IE 8.0600.18702IC) and XMAX 5.1.1 (standard version). I failed. This works correctly. My computer turns on Windows XP.

    Have you since found a solution for this problem?

    Thanks in advance.



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