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    XMAX Customizations ElementPropList

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    using XMAX 10.0 32-bit control within a application and we make an .exe for the users.

    experiencing issue whereby the following line of code within our customized project doesn't return all elements when ran as an .exe.

    ….. .XMAXControlDocument.Customizations.ElementPropList.item(i).name

    Our developers debugging within visual studio professional 2012 using a XMControl.dll with a date of 8-21-2015 is working as expected.

    However,  our users running the .exe with a local install of XMAX 10.0 32-bit with local XMControl.dll of 8-21-2015 do not see a complete list of elements. Several of the child elements are missing?

    We populate a list of all elements (.dtd) into a listbox in order to allow the user to Find text within a selected element.

    The .exe is built from another server, but it too has the same install of XMAX 10.0.

    Any reason on why debug mode lists all elements, but .exe doesn't?



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    we are looking into the possibility that our .ctm file may be the culprit?


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