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    XMAX catalogs

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    I am using xml files in XMAX with a dtd reference to a public identifier. Now I would like to use the catalog mechanism as is used in XMetaL Author for XMAX.

    Background: The xml files have a dtd declaration like:

    The system identifier is not where the real dtd is located (thats where I want to use the catalog for)
    In my catalog I want to re-direct it like:
    PUBLIC “-//NOP//DTD Topic//EN” “http://reallocation/p-topic.dtd”

    In XMetaL this works fine.
    – Can XMAX work with the catalog mechanism?
    – XMetaL looks for the root catalog file in the rules folder. How can I get XMAX to find a catalog file?
    – or, is there an alternative?



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