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    XFTReplacement performance in XMetaL11

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    We recently moved from XMetaL Author Essential 8 to XMetaL Author Essential 11 (x86) and most everything worked great. One item that we are noticing is that the XFTReplacement script takes several times longer to process than it used to. We have 4 of them and they replace images and videos in our files with visual placeholders. In XMetaL8, a long XML file with 50 images would open and be ready for editing in under 10 seconds. In XMetaL11, that same file takes over one minute to load. If I turn off the 4 XFTReplacement rules that we have, that same file loads in 3-5 seconds. Is this a known issue in XMetaL11? Any workarounds to improve the performance?

    Here is one of the XFTReplacement scripts (the other 3 just change the SelectorName and FormFileName):



    Derek Read

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    There is a chance that the INI setting nested_xft_fix is set to true. That will slow things down significantly in versions 5 and up (the functionality did not exist prior). That feature enables an element to contain an embedded XFT form and one or more children to also contain an embedded XFT form. With this setting enabled all forms are assumed to affect each other, so that every form in the document must be updated after every other form is updated, slowing things down. When that INI setting is not enabled after an XFT form is updated all of its children are assumed to not have any XFT forms.

    See the third message in this thread for some additional details:,3348.msg8649.html#msg8649

    If that isn't the issue then it would be best to submit a sample to XMetaL Support so they can have a look (preferably something minimal that reproduces just the one issue but contains enough to demonstrate the issue).

    Keep in mind that the software has never supported running more than a few embedded XFT forms quickly as it was not designed to do so. So, the issue could simply be that having lots of XFT forms in a document makes it slow whenever it needs to be redrawn (open, switching views, or making significant changes to content).



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    Sadly it is not the nested_xft_fix INI setting. That string value is not in my local XMetaL folder and I added it to my xmetal.ini with a value of false and it had no affect.

    I completely understand that more than a few embedded XFT forms would cause the app to run slower, but it is odd that this worked really quickly in XMetaL8 but does not in XMetaL11.

    Before I share out a sample, is it possible to change the replacement process to insert a text string instead of an image/form? This one XML file has ~50 images and I imagine that XMetaL support will tell us that this scenario should never have worked as well as it did back in XM8…



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    Oh yeah! I should be able to use CSS to insert a text string… I'll try that route.



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