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  • elias

    Working with XMAX within Java application

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    I have to work with XMAX 6.0 using Java. SWT is used to load this ActiveX object.
    I have to call XMAX methods through other plugin which is a COM object (written as C++ ATL project in MS Visual Studio 2003).
    This plugin is loaded using Jacob library, because SWT is unable to load non-GUI COM objects.
    The plugin has method SetXMAX with LPDISPATCH parameter.
    It must attach to running XMAX.
    When I've modified demo app written in VB .NET,  it was not an issue. I used GetOcx() method of  XMAX wrapper and the link worked. Is there any analog of it in Java libraries (SWT)?
    Is there any tricks for XMAX object in this case?
    How can it be put in the Running Object  Table (ROT)? If I put it to ROT, I can use GetActiveObject without passing  LPDISPATCH objects to SetXMAX.
    Maybe, there are other freeware Java libraries for doing this.
    I'm stuck.  


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Working with XMAX within Java application

    JustSystems has not attempted to bridge XMAX with a Java application so we don't have much expertise with this. We do have partners that have done so though, using Eclipse in some manner (we're not intimate with the details). It is possible that .NET might ease the bridging challenge to Java if that is suitable. Sorry we can't offer any more help (but maybe other forum users can).


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