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  • Derek Read

    Workaround: (PROD00024818) Change "frame" Attribute in CALS Table (crash)

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    XMetaL Author and XMetaL Author Enterprise

    Using the Table Properties dialog to modify the “Frame” property (frame attribute) for the

    element in a CALS table can cause XMetaL Author to crash when multiple table cells are selected.

    This issue only affects CALS tables. It does not affect HTML tables. For DITA documents the table type called “Normal” uses the CALS table model. DITA also defines the following tables (which are unaffected by this issue): “Simple table”, “Properties table”, “Step choices table”, “Relationship table”.

    CALS tables are also the main table model used with DocBook and many other DTDs and Schemas. If you are using a schema other than DITA and do not know if you are working with CALS tables please check with the person that configured XMetaL Author to work with your schema.

    To modify the frame attribute for the

    element using the Table Properties dialog position your selection anywhere inside the table without selecting any cells, then in the Table Properties dialog select the Table tab and modify the value for the “Frame” property (attribute).

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