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    Workaround: InstallShield Errors 1607, 1608, 1628 and others

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    All XMetaL products are installed using a tool called InstallShield.

    Error messages raised by InstallShield during installation of an XMetaL product may indicate one of several different issues. These issues are typically caused by pre-existing conditions with your computer, possibly caused by a Windows update, lack of files required by InstallShield, outdated files required by InstallShield, lack of storage space, or another issue with your operating system or computer.

    A list of InstallShield error messages that may occur during installation of an XMetaL product is listed below along with links to the corresponding knowledge base article on the InstallShield website. The InstallShield knowledge base articles provide detailed information on resolving these issues.

    If the error you are seeing during installation is not listed below please visit InstallShield Consumer Central and from there search for the InstallShield error number or phrase to locate any help InstallShield is able to provide.

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