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  • biswajitsr

    where to install XMAX?

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    For XMAX all(XMAX,cab file, writing tools) will be installed or copied on web server. And also the XAC file. That means nothing is required on client machine except IE(6 or above)? At run the option to download cab and writing tools[depending on code] will come?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: where to install XMAX?

    You do have the option to host XMAX as a CAB file on your server, yes.

    This does not mean XMAX is not installed on the user's machine but the installation method is different. Instead of running an EXE to install the software the user must visit a specially constructed HTML page with an tag that IE recognizes that instructs it to download and install XMAX (contained within the CAB file). This is not a special XMAX technology, it is standard Windows Internet Explorer technology (many other things are installed this way: Adobe Reader, Flash, SVG viewers, and other ActiveX controls, aka 'plug-ins'). When you do this you are relying on Internet Explorer to manage the installation process. When done properly and in a carefully controlled environment (often managed by the IT people in a particular organization through something called “group policies” or simply “security policies”) end users might never know they have installed XMAX, it will just “magically” appear without the user needing to do anything to install it aside from visiting the page you create and host on your (usually internal) webserver (aka: intranet).

    You will want to read the Programmer's Guide topic “Developing an HTML-based container application” and most of the topics it links to.

    Microsoft maintains an extensive amount of documentation related to using ActiveX controls inside Internet Explorer. This may be a good starting point: [url=]MSDN: ActiveX Controls (in Internet Explorer Development)[/url]


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