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    Welcome to the xfy XBRL Report

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    Thank you for taking the time to test our latest product offering.

    We encourage you to watch the flash tutorials to help you to learn to navigate the application and gain some insight to it's functionality. The link to the Flash tutorials is posted at this url:


    As well, please take advantage of our invitation to a 1:1 webinar training session. Just send me an email request or call me at any of the numbers below.

    Richard Maglaya
    XBRL-TS Engineer
    JustSystems Canada Inc.
    Suite 1800, Two Bentall Centre
    555 Burrard Street,
    Vancouver, BC V7X 1M9 Canada
    E: [email protected]
    T: +1 778.327.4154 (Direct line)
        +1 604.602.9928 (Ext 280


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