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  • jlm05

    WebHelp in XMetaL 8: Extra "start file" generated

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    We are testing XMetaL 8, including our automated doc builds, in preparation for rolling out the upgrade.

    When you generate WebHelp, by default the start file is onlineMapName.html. So for example, if the online map file is UsersGuide_online.ditamap, the start file is UsersGuide_online.html.

    Our publishing system requires that the start file be toc.htm, so for the automated build we have a configuration to set the start file to be toc.htm.

    What is happening is that the WebHelp is getting generated with toc.htm as the start file, but there is also a UsersGuide_online.html file in the output directory. The toc.htm file works as expected. The UsersGuide_online.html file has some content, but does not work as a WebHelp start file and should not be there, since we had already set the start file name to be toc.htm.

    This happens both in our automated builds and when you manually set the output file from XMetaL.

    We can't find in the generation process how this extra file is getting created.

    Is this a possible bug?




    Derek Read

    Reply to: WebHelp in XMetaL 8: Extra "start file" generated

    Looks like we can probably fix this.

    You will need to replace the following file with the one inside the zip I have attached.
    Back up the existing file first just in case (repairing the installation should restore it as well).
    C:Program FilesXMetaL 8.0AuthorDITAXACssharedrenditionsprint_dita.xml

    This file is the main driver file XMetaL Author Enterprise uses to run all the various output types in the DITA OT (essentially a bunch of command line commands and parameters).


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